London 2012 Olympics: Data centre guide

London 2012 Olympics: Data centre guide

Prepare your IT infrastructure to deal with the potential disruptions during the Olympics with our London 2012 Olympics Games data centre guide.

Table of contents:

Section 1: What IT disruptions could businesses face during London 2012

From network overload to a majority of workforce demanding remote access to business applications, data centre managers have to prepare for all this during Olympics.

London 2012 Olympics: Data centre disruptions

Section 2: Devising a data centre strategy to minimise disruptions during the Olympics

This section will help data centre managers plan disaster recovery, contingency and business continuity strategies to reduce potential disruptions during London 2012 Olympics Games.

Stress testing, live rehearsals and robust DR strategy to minimise Olympics disruptions

Section 3: London 2012 Olympics -- IT best practices and user cases

How are other businesses preparing to reduce the potential IT disruptions that LOndon 2012 Olympics Games bring. Robust BI strategy, stress testing, introducing flexible working practices are some of the initiatives.

What are businesses doing to ensure smooth IT functioning during the event