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Deciding where and how to build a new data centre is one of the most important decisions your organisation will make. This section covers how to build a solid data centre infrastructure, including selecting the right location to build your new facility, best practices for designing a new data centre, and cooling and air flow techniques. Learn all you need to know about data centre power distribution planning, backup power and uninterruptible power supplies, alternating current and direct current power, and more. More about Design

Green IT

Avoid the buzz around green IT and cut straight to the facts on data centre energy efficiency, reducing your data centre footprint and complying with environmental regulations. Get equipped to build a green data centre infrastructure with advice on effective power and cooling methods and energy-efficient server technologies. Read about building a business case for a sustainable data centre and bringing C-level executives on board, as well as how to ensure your organisation's compliant with U.K. energy-efficiency regulations that affect IT. More about Green IT


By virtualising physical servers, you can reduce IT costs, consolidate servers, reduce data centre power consumption and improve server management and efficiency within your IT shop.

But to garner these benefits, you need to make well-informed decisions about data centre requirements, including which virtualisation platform and management tools you need. While some virtualisation platforms have fewer features or may provide lower virtual machine performance, they may offer plusses, such as interoperability and low cost. So as you virtualise your data centre, some of the most important questions are these: Which virtualisation platform will you choose, and which virtualisation management tools are most important to you?

This section on virtualisation platforms, management and virtualisation strategy helps you weigh the pros and cons of various virtualisation technologies, compare virtualisation vendors and provides step-by-step advice on installation, configuration and management of VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer and more. We offer news, technical advice and case studies on virtualisation platform pricing, management tasks such as hypervisor installation, troubleshooting and monitoring virtual machines, securing virtual machines against malware and other threats, improving virtual server management, performing physical and virtual server migrations (P2V, V2P and V2V migrations), tools for tracking and monitoring virtual machines, strategies to prevent virtual sprawl and improve server performance; virtual storage technologies, desktop virtualisation solutions, and more. More about Virtualisation

Server and OS

Find information on choosing between x86, blade servers, or rackmount servers and the implications for energy efficiency, total cost of ownership and application uptime. Operating systems choices -- whether Windows Server, Red Hat or Novell SUSE Linux or Unix -- are also critical considerations for server virtualisation, data centre consolidation, application stability and other more. Consider your IT budget, staffing capabilities to manage your servers and whether hosting, outsourcing and cloud computing models and these influence data center hardware purchasing decisions.

This section on data centre infrastructure, server hardware and operating systems delves into all the considerations and purchasing decisions involved in outfitting a data centre infrastructure. We compare server vendors' hardware and evaluate OSes on the basis of performance, reliability, data centre management considerations, compatibility and interoperability and TCO. Get all the latest news and technical advice from More about Server and OS

Systems management

Keep your data centre operations running smoothly and optimise system performance with this topic on data centre systems management. This section covers implementing change management processes and configuration management databases (CMDBs); troubleshooting, optimising and monitoring data centre hardware and applications; IT capacity planning strategies and best practices; compliance with IT governance such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and COBIT; and high-availability (HA) and high-performance computing (HPC) clustering. More about Systems management


The network is essential to keeping business operations running smoothly, so don't let poor monitoring or sloppy cabling get in the way. This section drills down on important data centre network management issues, with advice on performance monitoring and testing, securing the data centre network and managing the network cabling infrastructure. More about Networking


Find out about virtual data centre services, managed hosting and colocation services in your area and the cost of running your business in the cloud versus in-house. This section explains the difference between virtual data centre services, cloud computing and traditional hosting services and the risks and benefits of moving applications and data to the cloud. Read case studies of companies in your market that are adopting cloud services and get their advice on how and when cloud computing services make sense. More about Cloud


Get up-to-date news and guides on disaster recovery (DR) processes and planning to ensure that your business will stay up and running in the event of a disaster. Checks on generator testing, load testing, breaker design and fuel supply need to be taken care of long before a disaster hits so that when a disaster is happening you are not spending time doing things that you would not normally be doing. Find out about backup power supply products and how to failover and failback servers in the event of an outage. Discover ways to keep disaster recovery documentation up to date and available to all employees. If you are thinking of outsourcing DR, this section provides information on the service providers in your area offering electronic vaulting, hot sites, hosting services and mobile sites. This section also includes news and how-to information on securing your buildings against theft and natural disasters as well IT security, compliance and risk management. More about DR/security