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Unix servers and management tools

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  • Unix to Linux migration implementation: Porting, upgrading and testing

    Testing the new OS before completing the migration from Unix to Linux is advised. More details such as code and compiler choices and upgrades also need attention, and then it's time to test system performance and make sure things are running smoothly... 

  • What makes a migration from Unix to Linux attractive?

    Learn about Linux's attractive qualities such as platform flexibilty, quick deployment of patches, and better compatibility and cost structures. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of migrating from Unix to Linux is also presented. 

  • Migrating off the mainframe: Tuning apps for the new platform

    After migrating off the mainframe, applications don't always run the same on Linux, Unix or Windows as they did on z/OS. In this tip, an expert talks about how to tune migrated apps for performance and security. 

  • Developing a successful mainframe migration strategy

    A successful mainframe migration strategy requires careful planning to avoid disruption to end users. This tip discusses best practices for migrating, regenerating or replacing mainframe applications. 

  • Top 50 universal Unix commands

    Learn about the top 50 most helpful Unix commands for administrators out of the thousands that exist. Use case examples are provided, along with links to other resources. 

  • Capacity planning tools tutorial for Linux and Unix

    Effective capacity planning is a proactive way of ensuring that your data centre servers will not prematurely run out of space or horsepower. Learn the tools available to help you, both native to Linux and Unix platforms including Solaris, Red Hat, H... 

About Unix servers and management tools

Unix was the first open operating system written in a standard language, and is distinguished by its hierarchical file structure. Unix has been widely adopted in enterprise severs and workstations, and Unix systems are known for their flexibility, stability and security. Like Linux, many variations of Unix are available, each with its own distinctive tools, file systems and applications. Among the Unix versions, the three most widely adopted are Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX, IBM's AIX and Sun's Solaris. With our news and expert advice, learn how to determine whether Unix is the right OS choice for your data centre and, if so, how to choose the best Unix platform to fit your needs. Also, find information on Unix server configuration, security, applications, monitoring tools and more.