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  • ESXi Shell

    ESXi Shell is a VMware vSphere management tool that performs VMware commands that perform maintenance tasks like network, system, storage and more.

  • VMware vSphere 6 Update 1 brings technical improvements for ESXi, VSAN

    It's not just vCenter that boasts new features with Update 1. Technical improvements were also made to ESXi, VSAN and vSphere Replication.

  • How to set up an ESXi shared virtual disk

    In most configurations, a VM needs a disk just for itself. In some situations, it makes sense to create a shared virtual disk, for example, in an environment that requires using high-availability clusters. 

    In a...

  • What's the best ESXi shared storage choice?

    Choosing an approach for shared disks in a VMware environment can be a challenge. You can take one of several approaches, depending on whom you ask. This article provides an overview of the ESXi shared storage options and makes some...

  • Ravello nested virtualization brings ESXi to AWS, Google cloud

    Ravello’s nested virtualization has expanded to VMware environments, allowing customers to use ESXi in AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Understanding VMware ESXi hypervisor security features

    The VMware ESXi hypervisor, particularly its kernel, offer several security features vital to a secure VMware cloud environment. Virtualization expert Paul Henry reviews the different levels of ESXi security.

  • Proper ESXi installation thwarts potential problems

    Putting the right amount of time and effort into an ESXi installation can prevent serious problems from happening down the road.

  • How the Hyper-V architecture differs from VMware ESXi

    Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi are both Type 1 hypervisors, but they have key architectural differences you should know about.

  • How to use VMware ESXi hosts for sandbox testing

    Video: Keith Barker of CBT Nuggets shows how to use VMware ESXi hosts to perform sandbox testing on virtual machines.

  • VMware ESXi

    VMware ESXi is an operating system-independent hypervisor based on the VMkernel operating system interfacing with agents that run atop it.

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