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  • ESXi Shell

    ESXi Shell is a VMware vSphere management tool that performs VMware commands that perform maintenance tasks like network, system, storage and more.

  • Virtual switch tweak optimizes ESXi networking

    Administrators in an ESXi environment should adjust the networking configuration to prevent slow VM migrations.

  • How can I maximize ESXi cluster space in VMware VSAN?

    How can I maximize the number of drives to use in VMware VSAN for an ESXi cluster?

    VMware introduced Virtual VSAN (VSAN) in...

  • VMware ESXi

    VMware ESXi is an operating system-independent hypervisor based on the VMkernel operating system interfacing with agents that run atop it.

  • How to keep conflicts at bay on your ESXi host

    While the tranquil notion of virtualization features a virtual machine floating on an endless sea of compute cycles, the harsh reality is a VM requires a physical ESXi host...

  • How to clear a clogged core dump in VMware ESXi

    With a little manipulation via SSH or ESXi Shell, a locked core dump file can soon be just a distant memory for your ESXi environment.

  • Correcting misconfigured ESXi shared storage settings

    IT shops that started small may find they need to update their ESXi shared storage settings to prevent significant issues when a host fails.

  • ESXi Shell brings hidden vSphere management capabilities to light

    Not all management tasks in a vSphere environment are handled from the vSphere client. Some require commands executed from ESXi Shell.

  • Which CLI is best: vSphere CLI, PowerCLI or ESXi Shell?

    I found a specific command-line interface (CLI) in the vSphere documentation to execute a command I needed. Do I have to use that CLI when there are others I use more regularly?

    VMware provides a number of command-line interface...

  • Does performance data have to get trashed following ESXi migration?

    We are migrating a few ESXi hosts to a different vCenter and would like to retain the historical performance data from the existing vCenter. Can we save this data and refer to it when needed?

    The performance data for...

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