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  • A master class in CLIs and ESXi commands

    While the vSphere Web Client is useful for managing VMs, it isn't always the most reliable. In this collection of tips we explore how and why you should use CLIs and ESXi commands.

  • Is storage causing ESXi network performance problems?

    How do you determine whether storage is causing network performance issues on an ESXi server?

  • How do I measure network latency in VMware ESXi?

    Server applications must exchange data with end users and storage subsystems, so effective server virtualization must also include solid network performance. Inefficient configurations and latency can conspire against workloads and impair the...

  • How can I enable jumbo frame support in ESXi?

    Jumbo frames are a valuable tool for virtualized environments. Traditional Ethernet frames, packets, contain up to 1,500 bytes, but each packet includes additional content for a header, checksum and end. And each frame must be acknowledged --...

  • Methods for installing VMware Tools 10 on your ESXi host

    In September 2015, VMware released VMware Tools 10. With this update, tools may be managed as a separate product. Also, rather than be included in ESXi's release cycle, VMware Tools 10 now has its own independent release cycle. This allows...

  • ESXi Shell

    ESXi Shell is a VMware vSphere management tool that performs VMware commands that perform maintenance tasks like network, system, storage and more.

  • VMware vSphere 6 Update 1 brings technical improvements for ESXi, VSAN

    It's not just vCenter that boasts new features with Update 1. Technical improvements were also made to ESXi, VSAN and vSphere Replication.

  • How to set up an ESXi shared virtual disk

    In most configurations, a VM needs a disk just for itself. In some situations, it makes sense to create a shared virtual disk, for example, in an environment that requires using high-availability clusters. 

    In a...

  • What's the best ESXi shared storage choice?

    Choosing an approach for shared disks in a VMware environment can be a challenge. You can take one of several approaches, depending on whom you ask. This article provides an overview of the ESXi shared storage options and makes some...

  • Understanding VMware ESXi hypervisor security features

    The VMware ESXi hypervisor, particularly its kernel, offer several security features vital to a secure VMware cloud environment. Virtualization expert Paul Henry reviews the different levels of ESXi security.

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