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  • virtualisation

    In IT, virtualisation is the process of creating logical computing resources from available physical resources. This is accomplished using virtualisation software to create a layer of abstraction between workloads and the underlying physical...

  • VMworld Europe 2011

    Attend VMworld, the IT Industry’s Leading Virtualisation & Cloud Event

    VMworld 2011 offers more than 115 unique breakout...

  • Duo Security

    Duo Security is a vendor of cloud-based two-factor authentication products.

  • Software-defined security: The future of network security?

    Software-defined security is becoming an IT buzzword, but does it live up to the hype? Expert Kevin Beaver takes a look at the benefits and pitfalls of the technology in the enterprise.

  • Security Think Tank: Data security basics for SMEs

    How can SMEs afford security that is good enough?

  • The mainframe is dead, long live the mainframe

    As with Mark Twain, the reports of the death of the mainframe have been exaggerated. From the early 1990s onwards, the mainframe has been portrayed as the dinosaur of computing, being steadily overtaken by more glamorous platforms and newer...

  • Security Think Tank: SME security on a shoestring budget

    How can SMEs afford security that is good enough?

  • The transformation of wireless network security

    Wi-Fi has revolutionized the enterprise by not only extending network coverage in a particular building or campus, but also by enabling on-the-go working, be it from a coffee shop or a hotel room. Yet, while these improvements reduce employee...

  • Expect More at IP EXPO on 20th & 21st October

    Visit IP EXPO - the only event to cover all aspects of IT in the enterprise and learn how you can Drive Efficiency, Increase Security, Reduce Costs, and Meet Business Needs.

    You can expect:

    • Over...

    • The cyber security outlook for 2015

      The cyber security landscape will evolve rapidly and attacks will increase in number and sophistication, from a wider range of sources

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