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  • Microsoft Outlook MailTips

    Microsoft Outlook MailTips is an opt-in tool for Exchange Server 2013 that will send alerts to end users when they are about about to click "reply all" to a large distribution list, send sensitive information to someone outside the...

  • Troubleshooting tips for VDI deployments

    VDI deployments have hiccups at one point or another. While good planning is your best bet for avoiding issues, some troubleshooting tips never hurt.

  • Tips to locate reliable security testing services

    Developers without a security expert often rely on a third-party testing service. Software expert Dan Cornell provides some tips for the search.

  • Excel tip: Fill Handle tricks

    Using the Fill Handle to extend a series is a common technique in Microsoft Excel. Although most people have used the Fill Handle to populate month...

  • 2011: Year in review

  • Top four tips for virtualizing your SQL Server instance

    Controlling the cost of databases and related hardware resources and improving and expanding them as necessary have become increasingly important. One solution to this problem is virtualization. Here are four key considerations to keep in...

  • Citrix CTO imparts data security tips, DaaS concerns

    BOSTON -- The buzz around Citrix's renewed focus on XenApp and Edward Snowden might seem unrelated, but they're both top of mind for IT pros.

    The two topics emerged as talking points for presenters and attendees at BriForum 2014 here...

  • Excel tip: Find missing fractional cents

    Microsoft Excel offers calculation precision to 15 digits. While this might be useful for scientific applications, if you are simply trying to create a...

  • Oracle ERP software implementation tips and trends

    Enterprise resource planning software has expanded beyond its origins in manufacturing to encompass customer relationship management, business analytics and financial applications. Organizations seeking to streamline processes and reduce...

  • Excel tip: Grouping worksheet sections

    In 2012, I was a judge for the ModelOff world financial modeling championships in New York City. Sixteen finalists from around the world competed for cash prizes. Since I had access to 16 of the fastest Excellers in the world, I spent some time...

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