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  • MAM and MDM software: Reseller tips

    In this SearchITChannel slideshow, we offer insight into customers' purchasing priorities for mobile app and mobile device management products.

  • Tips on leveraging Lambda expressions

    Java 8 includes a new programming construct for anonymous functions called Lambda expressions. The basic idea behind these constructs are not new, and have in fact been around since...

  • Expert tips for moving to SuccessFactors Employee Central

    Moving your core HRIS to the cloud with SuccessFactors Employee Central can transform and add value to your HR function. Here are tips for making the move.

  • Tips for using beacon technology in retail

    With the emergence of beacon technology, many retailers and brands are testing the waters to see if proximity-based services can improve customer experience and boost sales. So far, deployments have been...

  • Tips to standardize your next data center move

    With consolidation and colocation on the rise, data center operators need standardization for what used to be a once-in-a-lifetime event: the data center move.

    "People will go out and wing it, but you end up on your third or fourth one...

  • Cloud management services: Tips for implementation

    Managing computerized systems is complicated because of their nature. Computing systems seem straightforward to the inexperienced, but once IT teams begin managing any type of integrated computing system, the complexity and "house of cards"...

  • The five best Windows Server tips of 2014

    Our readers loved tips on preparing for Windows Server 2003 end-of-life, new Windows certifications and more.

  • 13 top tips on Windows support from 2014

    The past year marked the transition between versions of Microsoft software. Look back at our menu of 2014 Office and Windows support tips.

  • Microsoft tipped to enter wearables market

    Microsoft is moving slightly quicker than it did in the smart phone market to get a slice of the wearables market with the vendor expected to launch its own watch-type device before the end of the year.

    News   |   MicroscopeUK

  • Nine CIO tips for surviving and thriving in 2015

    SearchCIO expert Harvey Koeppel offers CIOs a nine-step tip sheet for making good in 2015, plus a bonus blooper reel of bad IT predictions.

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