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  • Tips on leveraging Lambda expressions

    Java 8 includes a new programming construct for anonymous functions called Lambda expressions. The basic idea behind these constructs are not new, and have in fact been around since...

  • Microsoft tipped to enter wearables market

    Microsoft is moving slightly quicker than it did in the smart phone market to get a slice of the wearables market with the vendor expected to launch its own watch-type device before the end of the year.

    News   |   MicroscopeUK

  • Four tips to avoid Android fragmentation problems

    Android fragmentation presents problems for MDM, but they are not insurmountable.

    The mobility era continues to be typified by a broad diversity of devices, operating systems, apps and cloud services that can be an absolute nightmare for...

  • Strategic tips for better IT infrastructure services

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- IT infrastructure and operations are core to many businesses, but not yet mature.

    IT spending as a percentage of operating expenses and revenue remained virtually flat from 2009 to 2013, while IT spending as a percentage...

  • Configuring storage for VMware: Tips and tricks

    This guide to configuring storage for VMware will help data storage administrators maximize the multitude of benefits VMware offers and maintain their storage performance requirements when undertaking a VMware project.

    Storage admins...

  • Microsoft Outlook MailTips

    Microsoft Outlook MailTips is an opt-in tool for Exchange Server 2013 that will send alerts to end users when they are about about to click "reply all" to a large distribution list, send sensitive information to someone outside the...

  • Enforce acceptable use guidelines with policy tips

    Policy tips in Exchange 2013 remind end users of acceptable use policies and prevent accidental violations before they ever occur.

  • Web content management tools buying tips

    Despite what you may hear about "leading" vendors, your enterprise has more viable choices for Web content management tools than ever before.

    A vibrant marketplace of global players, regional contenders, cloud-based vendors, open...

  • NetBeans creator gives tips on API design

    "Building regular software is like building a house," said NetBeans initial architect Jaroslav Tulach at JavaOne 2014. To change something in a house, "you can just close...

  • Troubleshooting tips for VDI deployments

    VDI deployments have hiccups at one point or another. While good planning is your best bet for avoiding issues, some troubleshooting tips never hurt.

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