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  • Tips for making software QA testing reports acceptable

    Software QA testers often are surprised when their regular quality status reports fail to resonate with business users. Frequently this is an example of the tester not understanding how to shape his communications to his audience.

    In my...

  • Relational database design tips to boost performance

    Despite all the hoopla about Hadoop, NoSQL databases and other big data technologies, relational database management systems continue to be the cornerstone of the IT infrastructure for processing, storing and managing data in most organizations....

  • Ten leadership tips for contact center managers

    Contact center agent retention has long been a problem in the industry, and contact center managers often face an uphill battle in motivating agents and promoting a culture of tenure. Contact center turnover rates remain high, with Deloitte...

  • PHP security tips to ensure enterprise Web safety

    A penetration tester or information security researcher not finding a vulnerability in a website would be far more surprising nowadays than someone finding a vulnerability. This is simply the current state of information security;...

  • Tips on building a hybrid cloud management strategy

    The evolution and increasing popularity of the cloud has led to the development of a hybrid model -- a combination of public and private clouds. The hybrid alternative to the traditional cloud may be the best choice for organizations. Ideally, an...

  • Five tips for managing guest wireless network access

    One of the first major extensions to enterprise wireless LAN systems was guest access, enabling nearly anyone to connect to an organizational WLAN for Internet access. Just as IT does with the organization's employees, it should set a...

  • Tips and tools for building an effective online presence

    A 2014 Quocirca research report titled Online domain maturity shows that 98% of organisations have some level of online interaction with outsiders and that for 78% this involves consumers.

    In other words, an organisation’s online presence...

  • MAM and MDM software: Reseller tips

    Finally, of the MAM features available in enterprise mobility products,

  • Stay connected with tips and trends in vSphere networking

    This guide gives busy admins a handy listing of the latest on network virtualization as well as tips to troubleshoot various issues.

  • Five quick tips: Basics for using Amazon EC2 instances

    Offering scalability and a range of computing and networking advantages, Amazon EC2 is a bedrock in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Enterprises...

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