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  • Excel tip: Fill Handle tricks

    Using the Fill Handle to extend a series is a common technique in Microsoft Excel. Although most people have used the Fill Handle to populate month...

  • Excel tip: Grouping worksheet sections

    In 2012, I was a judge for the ModelOff world financial modeling championships in New York City. Sixteen finalists from around the world competed for cash prizes. Since I had access to 16 of the fastest Excellers in the world, I spent some time...

  • Top five tips for SAP BW

    I've spent quite a lot of time on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW)-related projects over the years and in the process have developed some strong recommendations for my clients. Here are my top five suggestions for SAP BW...

  • 2011: Year in review

  • Four tips to optimize workforce analytics projects

    Even at a conference focused on workforce analytics, organizations heavily invested in the practice were few and far between. Only about five audience members at the Human Capital Institute's

  • Five tips for managing project change requests

    To deliver a project successfully, project managers need to overcome the obstacle of changing objectives.

    Working out how to handle changes in advance will make the process easier on IT teams and business users.

    Change control or...

  • Dayna Steele's top tip for CRM success

    What's Dayna Steele's top tip for successful CRM? Really listening to your customers. Learn why active listening is a secret ingredient to good CRM.

  • Tips for keeping Wi-Fi network passwords secure

    I read that Google Inc. can access any Wi-Fi network password to which an Android smartphone or tablet has connected in the past. Is there a way to prevent mobile devices from remembering Wi-Fi passwords? What are the risks my organization...

  • Nadella tipped to be next Microsoft CEO

    After all the speculation that Microsoft might look to an outsider to take up the CEO position it is looking increasingly likely that the software giant will promote one of its own staff.

    News   |   MicroscopeUK

  • Six tips for avoiding mobile security problems with mobile apps

    Take it from some of the world's biggest brands: Mobile app security problems happen. Here are six tips for avoiding mobile app security mistakes.

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