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  • Tips for using beacon technology in retail

    With the emergence of beacon technology, many retailers and brands are testing the waters to see if proximity-based services can improve customer experience and boost sales. So far, deployments have been...

  • The top 10 VMware tutorials and tips of 2014

    Which tips, tutorials and opinion pieces on VMware caught the eye of many of our visitors? Our top 10 list for 2014 makes it easy to consume them all in one place.

  • Top 10 expert tips on UC services from 2014

    From mobile UC to WebRTC gateways, check out our top 10 UC services tips of 2014.

  • Hybrid clouds refresher: Top five tips of 2014

    Companies choose hybrid cloud for the perks of public and private clouds, but not all get it right. These top hybrid cloud tips from 2014 will help you succeed next year.

  • Top tips: Testing updates for virtual desktops

    Testing updates before you deploy them to virtual desktops and having a rollback strategy are critical to ensuring employee productivity.

    New desktop builds need to be tested before they are released. Not adequately testing updates before...

  • Tips on leveraging Lambda expressions

    Java 8 includes a new programming construct for anonymous functions called Lambda expressions. The basic idea behind these constructs are not new, and have in fact been around since...

  • Cloud management services: Tips for implementation

    Managing computerized systems is complicated because of their nature. Computing systems seem straightforward to the inexperienced, but once IT teams begin managing any type of integrated computing system, the complexity and "house of cards"...

  • Microsoft tipped to enter wearables market

    Microsoft is moving slightly quicker than it did in the smart phone market to get a slice of the wearables market with the vendor expected to launch its own watch-type device before the end of the year.

    News   |   MicroscopeUK

  • NetBeans creator gives tips on API design

    "Building regular software is like building a house," said NetBeans initial architect Jaroslav Tulach at JavaOne 2014. To change something in a house, "you can just close...

  • Four tips to avoid Android fragmentation problems

    Android fragmentation presents problems for MDM, but they are not insurmountable.

    The mobility era continues to be typified by a broad diversity of devices, operating systems, apps and cloud services that can be an absolute nightmare for...

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