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  • VDI problems solved, 'anti-VDI' emerges in 2014

    Most -- if not all -- VDI problems have been solved at the close of 2014. Now anti-VDI is on the horizon. In the year to come, HP's Moonshot could gain traction with its back-to-basics approach.

  • When should persistent VDI be used over non-persistent VDI?

    VDI expert Brian Madden explains why most of today's storage options can handle persistent desktops, and how non-persistence can contribute to VDI failure.

  • In defense of nonpersistent VDI

    Using nonpersistent disk images to do VDI hasn't always been the best option, but advancements in application virtualization technology now make it just as viable as persistent desktops.

  • Turning to the cloud for VDI disaster recovery

    The cloud makes it possible for any business to have a strong VDI disaster recovery plan. You can choose to back up data by file, or you can back up the whole image.

  • How does VDI software work?

    Virtual desktop infrastructure can seem complex because there are so many options and possible configurations. But when it comes down to it, VDI software works via two easy-to-understand components.

  • Why should I consider adopting VDI?

    The ever-changing IT landscape is a reason some shops don't want to get locked into a big virtualization investment, but adopting VDI can actually help companies meet users' needs and adapt to new trends and technology.

  • VDI a vital piece of a reseller's armoury

    Vendors that took part in a recent MicroScope roundtable all agreed that now is the time for the channel to talk VDI

  • Focusing on cost not the way to sell VDI

    Cost is not the ideal focus of a VDI pitch with customers looking at the price tag on a traditional desktop alternative unlikely to be convinced they should move away from what appears to be a cheaper and more established alternative.

  • Get schooled on how to deploy VDI technology like a pro

    Thought your high school days were over? Not so fast -- there's a lot the enterprise can learn from a virtual high school about how to deploy VDI technology.

  • Why nonpersistent VDI hasn't taken off

    Nonpersistent VDI sounds great in theory, but beneath the surface lay management and application compatibility nightmares. For these reasons, many shops look to persistent VDI, but new tools could make shared images...

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