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  • VDI hardware evaluation checklist

    Picking the right hardware for your VDI deployment is critical, but it doesn't have to be difficult. To start, check to see if your VDI software vendor has a list of compatible components.

  • VDI problems solved, 'anti-VDI' emerges in 2014

    Most -- if not all -- VDI problems have been solved at the close of 2014. Now anti-VDI is on the horizon. In the year to come, HP's Moonshot could gain traction with its back-to-basics approach.

  • What are the biggest pros and cons of VDI?

    Cost savings and easier management are billed as top reasons to do VDI, but the technology also has downsides, and its complexity can make it daunting.

  • How DaaS and VDI management differ

    VDI management has a leg up on traditional desktop management, but things get even easier when you deliver virtual desktops to users from the cloud.

  • When should persistent VDI be used over non-persistent VDI?

    VDI expert Brian Madden explains why most of today's storage options can handle persistent desktops, and how non-persistence can contribute to VDI failure.

  • Four options for VDI disaster recovery

    Having a DR plan in place is important, especially if you host virtual desktops. But how should you plan for VDI disaster recovery? Consider Hyper-V, Windows To Go, storage replication and offline virtual desktops.

  • In defense of nonpersistent VDI

    Using nonpersistent disk images to do VDI hasn't always been the best option, but advancements in application virtualization technology now make it just as viable as persistent desktops.

  • Turning to the cloud for VDI disaster recovery

    The cloud makes it possible for any business to have a strong VDI disaster recovery plan. You can choose to back up data by file, or you can back up the whole image.

  • What are the biggest barriers to VDI adoption and acceptance?

    Users and management have ideas about what desktops should look and feel like, and VDI might not fit that bill. Add the upfront costs and you've got some serious barriers to VDI adoption.

  • Madden: Non-persistent VDI is getting easier

    Brian Madden was once a stark proponent of persistent VDI, but he says that opinion is changing thanks to improvements in technology and the way users are accessing applications.

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