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  • VDI pilot project guide

    A VDI pilot project should start with a VDI project plan. Know what pitfalls to avoid and test product options to achieve a successful VDI implementation.

  • Guide to calculating ROI from VDI

    Calculating ROI from VDI requires a solid VDI cost analysis. Consider ROI calculation models, storage costs and more to determine how much you'll benefit from VDI -- if at all.

  • VDI assessment guide

    Wait! Don't implement VDI technology until you know your goals and needs. A VDI assessment should consider the benefits of a VDI environment and its effects on end users.

  • Four VDI storage system options

    Companies looking to improve desktop performance with their VDI storage system have many options to choose from. They can use all-flash arrays, hybrid storage or flash caching.

  • No more excuses: VDI is ready!

    There are a lot of reasons to avoid implementing VDI. Access this e-guide with advice from desktop virtualisation expert Brian Madden who directly addresses concerns on storage, graphical experience and non-persistent desktops.

  • No more excuses - VDI is ready

    Over the years, it’s been easy to make excuses about why virtual desktop infrastructure projects failed or why VDI wasn’t ready for your environment

  • Keep the cost of VDI storage under control

    Layering, persona management tools and flash arrays help keep virtual desktop users happy and VDI storage costs down.

  • How VDI hardware requirements differ from virtualization

    VDI has specific hardware needs that servers hosting other virtualized workloads may not meet.

  • VDI storage optimization's secret sauce is software

    The desktop virtualization questions that come up most often usually have to do with problems without solutions or problems with too many solutions. Storage optimization is one of the latter.

    The list of vendors with products that promise...

  • Turn VDI problems into the ghosts of IT past

    It may seem hard to keep track of all of the problems that can derail a VDI project, but in reality every cause falls into one of two categories.

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