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  • No more excuses: VDI is ready!

    There are a lot of reasons to avoid implementing VDI. Access this e-guide with advice from desktop virtualisation expert Brian Madden who directly addresses concerns on storage, graphical experience and non-persistent desktops.

  • No more excuses - VDI is ready

    Over the years, it’s been easy to make excuses about why virtual desktop infrastructure projects failed or why VDI wasn’t ready for your environment

  • How VDI hardware requirements differ from virtualization

    VDI has specific hardware needs that servers hosting other virtualized workloads may not meet.

  • VDI hardware evaluation checklist

    Picking the right hardware for your VDI deployment is critical, but it doesn't have to be difficult. To start, check to see if your VDI software vendor has a list of compatible components.

  • Comparing three options for VDI endpoints

    In the early days of planning a VDI rollout, admins often focus on the back-end infrastructure necessary to deliver desktop services and give little consideration to the client endpoints. But IT needs to consider endpoints during the planning...

  • VDI problems solved, 'anti-VDI' emerges in 2014

    Most -- if not all -- VDI problems have been solved at the close of 2014. Now anti-VDI is on the horizon. In the year to come, HP's Moonshot could gain traction with its back-to-basics approach.

  • Guide to choosing and managing VDI thin clients

    First, decide whether thin clients are right for your environment. Then learn what to look for in VDI hardware and what kind of management capabilities you need.

  • Top seven most griped about VDI challenges

    VDI isn't easy to stand up and deploy, and a lot of people have complaints about it: It's too complex, it costs too much, performance stinks and admins are hard to find.

  • VDI plants the seeds for desktops in the cloud

    VDI may never see adoption rates over 20% because it takes a lot of upfront investment and on-site expertise. That adds up to big bucks, for many companies. But DaaS offloads the hardware and skills-based requirements that it takes...

  • Citrix, VMware bring VDI and converged infrastructure together

    EUC heavyweights Citrix and VMware are getting in the act of offering converged infrastructure products to aid organizations doing VDI.

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