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  • Special Report on VDI

    The articles contained here were written by Brian Madden, the fiercely independent thought leader in the world of virtualisation and mobility management. Along with his co-author Gabe Knuth, Brian is responsible for both “The VDI...

  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit automates VDI images

    Automating VDI image creation shrinks the margin of error, combats performance problems and eases image management. At a BriForum 2014 session this week, attendees learned how to automate golden images with the Microsoft Deployment...

  • How do I calculate VDI storage needs?

    Your VDI storage needs will vary depending on the kinds of desktops and images you're planning to deploy, but calculating how much storage you need is easy.

  • Windows XP demise sparks VDI interest

    The demise of Windows XP and the general shift to the cloud has given the desktop virtualisation market a shot in the arm with increased levels of interest from customers.

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  • Should you ever delete VDI user profiles?

    VDI user profiles aren't necessary when workers don't need to maintain their settings from one session to the next. If that's your use case, you can deploy nonpersistent desktops that delete VDI user profiles at...

  • Troubleshooting tips for VDI deployments

    VDI deployments have hiccups at one point or another. While good planning is your best bet for avoiding issues, some troubleshooting tips never hurt.

  • VDI costs less, works better in 2014

    Vendor TCO models inflate how much money VDI can save you, but VDI costs are finally coming down -- thanks in part to Moore's Law.

  • Making sense of VDI storage requirements

    VDI expert Brian Madden explains how virtual desktops and virtual servers differ -- and why that means the storage should differ too.

  • Choosing among VDI vendors: Know your needs

    There are many VDI vendors and products to pick from, so it's important to know what you need before you settle on which provider you want to use.

  • Chromebooks, VDI go hand-in-hand for IT admins

    Are the VDI capabilities in Google Chromebooks enough to combat low power and limited VPN options? IT admins weigh in on this low-cost alternative for enterprise deployment.

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