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  • Special Report on VDI

    The articles contained here were written by Brian Madden, the fiercely independent thought leader in the world of virtualisation and mobility management. Along with his co-author Gabe Knuth, Brian is responsible for both “The VDI...

  • Develop your criteria for selecting VDI software

    Learn about the latest options for VDI platforms and get an overview of the vendors and products that IT has to choose from. Also, get more information about the decision-making process when determining if you need...

  • How cloud desktops stem VDI costs

    Cloud desktops can help shrink the very high price tag that comes with VDI because companies don't need to pay for storage and infrastructure costs.

  • How a VDI migration changed my life

    A VDI migration doesn't just change the way you access applications; it affects simple things like printing and how often you work.

  • Are you a VDI automation sensation?

    How much do you know about VDI automation? What about possible commands you can use to automate tasks? Find out with this quiz.

  • Evaluating VDI storage options

    VDI storage is a growing technology, and there are many options out there. Read this breakdown of the latest advancements to help make your choice.

  • Deploying VDI: Predicting your storage needs for a successful project

    Storage has a starring role in any virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project, and it's commonly considered the make-or-break factor. How well you understand, manage and predict your storage needs -- and how a VDI...

  • Best practices guide: Making VDI deployment magic

    Implementing VDI isn't always a cakewalk. Learn how to make a production VDI deployment go smoothly.

  • VDI assessment tools put the horse before the cart

    Many shops dive into a virtualization migration without assessing first. Save yourself time and (maybe) money by using VDI assessment tools first.

  • A CTO reflects on VDI implementation trials and errors

    CTO Niel Nickolaisen reflects back on the reasons some of his VDI implementations never made it past the experimentation stage.

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